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Cookie Gift Box

Cookie Gift Box
Cookie Gift Box Cookie Gift Box Cookie Gift Box
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Cookie Gift Box

Shortbread—a crisp, rich, crumbly cookie, and at WataNUT we are baking up the best daily! In each small batch of handcrafted shortbread cookies we use 100% real butter and only the finest ingredients with zero added preservatives. Choose your favorites from our gourmet goodies—Pecan Sandie, Salty Chocolate or Cranstachio. 

Pecan Sandie

Made from scratch, our buttery shortbread cookies are loaded with Georgia Pecans and simply melt in your mouth. The freshest ingredients and a dusting of demerara sugar makes our pecan sandies unbelievably light, delicate and crisp.


We’ve put a delightful twist on our signature buttery shortbread. With their ruby red cranberries, bright green pistachios and a little zest of lemon, our cranstachios are the perfect festive treat for the holidays or any day.

Salty Chocolate

Rich Ghirardelli chocolate and a sprinkle of Maldon flaky sea salt make this shortbread practically irresistible! The pinch of salt awakens the taste buds and accentuates all of the chocolate's flavors. Whether you love salty or sweet, these chocolate shortbreads are sure to please!

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