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Best Gift Ideas for Dads

Best Gift Ideas for Dads

If you have a Dad that unleashes a flood of emotions, giving you a wonderful feeling of warmth, security and love, then you know what Father’s Day gifts mean to him. It’s a day to thank your Dad for his closeness and the heartfelt connection you have with him. Because of his encouragement, you’ve grown into a person that can explore the world, experience life’s wonders and remember the emotions you felt when he took your hand in his. Gifts for Dad say, "Thank-you for being you." Here are some ideas to consider when finding the perfect gift for dad or any of the everyday heroes in your life.

Yum Factor

Your Dad deserves special Father’s Day gifts from your heart to his this Father’s Day. Give him the ‘yum factor’ with food gifts supercharged with energy-packed nuts. These irresistible, nut gifts show your Dad that he’s earned the complex and noble title of “Dad” in your eyes. Here are some more unique food gift ideas from Watanut. 

Nut of the Month Club

  • Power up your Dad’s plate month-after-month with a one-year supply of nuts from Watanut's Nut of the Month Club. With food gifts that keep on coming, your Dad will be celebrating Father’s Day all year long. What better way to express appreciation for the strength, laughs and inspiration he gave you through the years than with a monthly gift. All it takes is one click from you, and he'll enjoy all year long.

Chocoholic Gift Box

  • If your Dad is someone who thinks everything tastes better drenched in chocolate, then the craveable, Chocoholic Gift Box containing chocolate covered pecans, decadent chocolate covered coffee beans and chocolate shortbread cookies is the go-to gift. This delectable, chocolate gift box is a delicious alternative to traditional Father’s Day gifts, and it is sure to keep him smiling.

Irresistibly Simple 

Sometimes the simplest gifts say it all. Maybe you remember the moments when you had milk and cookies with your Dad before bed or after a soccer game. You can relive fond moments like these with cookie gifts, especially the Coconut and Macadamia Nut Cookie Tin. Cookie gifts with freshly baked shortbread cookies, filled with tropical macadamia nuts make well-deserved gifts for Dad. Serve up a nice, cold glass of milk and relive the moments that both of your cherish.

For the Beer Connoisseur

If your Dad is a beer nut, just think how he’ll appreciate a Beer and Nuts Gift Box on his special day. With a nut assortment of savory, spicy and sweet flavors that complement any brew, your Dad’s taste buds will thank you. Share a beer, wine or cider, crunch Watanut's gourmet beer nuts and celebrate the day with your Dad.

Brain Power 

Packed with antioxidants, healthy fats and protein, nuts boost your brain power. What better way to show your Dad that you love him than to give him nut gifts for Father’s Day. Keeping your Dad on his toes and alert is important because you never outgrow the motivation or love your father gives you every day of your life. No one else could possibly know the memories you and your Dad share, so help keep them alive with the brain boosting power of Watanut nut gifts.

 Still need more Father's Day gift ideas? Check out Watanut for all your gift giving needs.