Gourmet Food Gifts are #1 for Corporate Gifting

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Want to grow your business? Are you seeking to impress a client or an employee with a gift? Have you thought about choosing a food gift as your corporate gift? Many companies are

catching onto the incredible benefits giving a food gift to clients, customers and employees provides to their business. Food is an emerging corporate gift, and it's outranking other gifts. Recipients who reported receiving a memorable gift are 33 percent more likely to state that they feel more connected to the brand and 20 percent more likely to alter their behavior as a result, according to our research.

Why do food gifts make such a big and lasting impression? It's all in our brains. Researchers across the globe have documented that the taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings and emotions, internal states of the mind and body.

So, if you are in charge of picking great corporate gifts to strengthen customer relationships that may lead to future business opportunities, you should consider gourmet food gifs. With the right food gift, that creates a fantastic experience for the gift recipient, you will create a lasting, positive impression   

More Reasons for Choosing Food Gifts for your Corporate Gifting

  • Food gifts are more memorable as compared to other material gifts because you can make an emotional connection with them. So when it's time to recall the best gifts they received this holiday season, they'll remember the gift that tasted and smelled the best and most importantly who sent them that unique gift.
  • Food gifts are unique. Focus on handcrafted, gourmet food gifts, not the bulk sausage or gift baskets that you can get from any big box store. This ensures that your gift aligns with your brand and communicates that you put thoughtful effort into selecting the perfect food gift for your clients.  
  • Food gifts show interest and genuine effort. And communicate a personal touch that can deepen your business relationships. Business thrives in loyalty ties.
  • Food gifts are never too much. These are one of the few gifts that everyone loves to receive and are often craving more.

Best Practice - Logo the packaging, not the gift.

Although company branded swag can be effective as a marketing tool, when it comes to business partner gifting, data shows you might want to think twice about giving items with your logo on them. Indeed, people who received items with the company’s logo were 30 percent less likely to report being satisfied or very satisfied with the gift. Watanut solves this dilemma for you easily. With Watanut corporate and business gifts you can custom logo a gift tag or the gift box as well as send a personalized message. Allowing customers to identify your thoughtful gesture with an extraordinarily delicious gift.

Appropriate Occasions for Food Gifts

You can send a gourmet food gift at any time of the year as a way of boosting sales, clientele numbers and loyalty. However, there are some few holidays and occasions where food gifts are actually necessary.

  1. Appreciation gift. The value of a simple thank you should never be underestimated. An appreciation gift to clientele and employees for their unwavering support or even to investors for believing in the whole business project is a great gift idea. A simple appreciation gift goes a long way in terms of fostering loyalty and boosting teamwork. Its uniqueness exudes sincerity in your gratuitous expression.
  2. Celebrate Employee Birthdays or Company Anniversaries. These celebrations are the most memorable and by recognizing them you build a strong personal connection to your brand. Gifting a client or employee on their birthday or anniversary shows a great deal of care and appreciation. 
  3. Incentive gifts. Recognizing someone's contribution to a team or project is a powerful incentive that builds teamwork and company loyalty. 
  4. Business development gifts. First impressions make a big difference, especially to new clientele. Reinforce your first contact with a thoughtful gift that will leave them anxious to begin working with you.

There are an abundance of food gifts available on the market. Selecting a price point and budget for your corporate gifts is a challenge. You don't want to spend too much showing that you are too eager or extravagant. Spending too little may send the wrong message too.  

At Watanut, we offer personalized corporate gifts for every budget. Our attention to detail, beautiful packaging, custom logos and hand crafted nut mixes and cookies are sure to delight and satisfy your corporate gifting needs.

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