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10 Reasons Why Chocolate Makes the Best Valentine's Gift


Thank goodness Valentine’s Day comes with chocolate gifts, because February 14th without chocolate is hard to imagine. Since the ancient days of the Maya, chocolate has been a supreme gift of affection, devotion and love. At Watanut Gourmet Nuts and Cookies, every one of our chocolate gift boxes sends a loving wish (even the ones you send to yourself!).


A sweet gift for your honey on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer, but love is not the only message chocolate can deliver. It is also a wonderful way to say thank you, I like you, I appreciate you, go girl, you rock and practically anything else you want to say to the people in your life. It is the valentine's day gift that says it all.


Today Watanut takes a look at why chocolate is such a universal, go-to gift for Valentines’ Day (or any occasion). Here are ten reasons why chocolate makes the best valentine’s day gift for lovers and others in your life:


  1. Chocolate just tastes so good.

Of all the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolate is certainly the most delicious. The rich aroma, flavor and texture can stimulate the taste buds like no other gift. Diamonds and flowers are not meant to be eaten, but chocolate nuts and cookies by Watanut are made to be savored and devoured.

  1. Chocolate is a mood enhancer.

We’re not trying to get all scientific here, but a natural component of chocolate has been proven to be a mood lifter. It seems that eating chocolate makes people feel more affectionate and more at ease. We like the sound of that, especially on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Chocolate gifts make a big impression.

A valentine's day gift of cookies or nuts is an impressive way to say thanks to the people you care about most. Send some delicious treats to a helpful neighbor, a soldier or your best friend. A gift tin of chocolate covered nuts sent to your parents or grandparents makes a sweet and lasting impression. Remember to send a gift box of gourmet shortbread cookies to your kid away at college and you will impress the whole dorm! Watanut has a selection of chocolate gift boxes for a tasteful Valentine’s Day they will not soon forget.

  1. Chocolate gifts can be shared.

You can really spread the love with Watanut’s Chocoholic Gift Box. It comes with two bags of Chocolate Covered Pecans (because one bag just wouldn’t be enough!), as well as a batch of Salted Chocolate Cookies and some of our famous Nut Your Average Cup of Joe mix. Send a Chocoholic Gift Box to your best friend at her workplace or share one with your spouse and kids. That is how to get a crowd to gather and stay put for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Contains wholesome, healthy ingredients.

You may have heard that natural elements in dark chocolate and nuts helps people stay heart-healthy. At Watanut, we pride ourselves on making snacks with the finest and most wholesome ingredients. For example, our gourmet mix known as Nut Your Average Cup of Joe is made of roasted, locally-grown hazelnuts and pecans mingled with rich coffee beans covered in deep, dark chocolate, as well as a tasty smattering of jumbo Thompson seedless raisins and white chocolate chips.

  1. One size fits all.

A gift of chocolate is always welcome and never the wrong size. For most of us, the more chocolate in our Valentine's day the better. As an example, the bite-size deliciousness of Watanut Chocolate Pecans makes a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day. For large gatherings or extended snacking pleasure, consider sending the generously sized gift tin.

  1. Chocolate won’t add clutter to their lives.

Unlike most Valentine’s gifts, our chocolate treats are gone before you know it! It is practically impossible to stop popping our double-dipped Chocolate Pecans or digging into our Salty Chocolate Shortbread cookies until they are all gone.

  1. The smiles on their faces.

It feels so good to see your loved ones smile, and happy faces are guaranteed with a chocolate delivery from Watanut. Whether you order a surprise gift box for a new crush or an old family friend, practically everyone loves to eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day. We have lots of chocolate gift ideas to get you in the mood for a sweet holiday.

  1. Everyone loves Watanut.

From toddlers to teenagers to adults and kids at heart, hardly anyone can resist the baked-from-scratch goodness of our shortbread cookies, trail mixes and locally-sourced nuts.

  1. Our gift boxes can be sent to yourself.

We completely understand the guilty pleasure of sending a chocolate gift to yourself, and there is no shame in it. Why not try a tin of chocolate cookies from Watanut? We’ll send at least 25 shortbread cookies lovingly made from scratch with Ghirardelli chocolate and a sprinkle of Maldon flaky sea salt. Prepare to indulge! Everyone who tastes these yummy chocolate cookies wants another, and another and maybe just one more...

  1. We promised ten reasons why chocolate makes a great valentine's day gift, but here is a bonus reason: Chocolate gift boxes from Watanut are simply the perfect way to send your love. We say, “Go nuts!” and have a great Valentine’s Day!