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Company Gifts Can Increase Your Business

Company Gifts Can Increase Your Business

The act of giving a corporate gift is one of the most basic of all business practices. According to a recent survey by Incentive Magazine, more than seven out of ten businesses utilize gift giving to promote customer appreciation and/or employee recognition. Those business owners know the value of giving to customers, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, prospects and others. If you are not sure how or why you should invest in corporate gift giving, read on.

Company gifts are a good investment.

Gifts for customers and clients are legitimate investments in the future of your business. The items don’t have to cost a lot to leave a lasting impression. For example, a few dozen gourmet cookies can be a sweet way get your foot in the door with a busy office manager or send a welcome message to a new hire. When you need more impact, splurge on a gift basket overflowing with unique flavors of cookies and gourmet nuts. That way, everyone can share the goodies, and that spreads your branded message even further.

Navigating the minefield.

The concept of gift marketing seems simple, but company giving can be a bit of a minefield in practice. How do you find the perfect gift item that says “Don’t forget us” without going overboard or breaking the bank? One way to get a good return on your gift-giving investment is to scale your budget to the business status of the recipient. A dependable supplier who creates custom gift baskets can help you decide what type of gifts are appropriate and how much to spend.

Choose quality items above all else.

You can recognize a cheap gift when you see one, and so can everyone else. To leave a positive impression, only send gifts of the highest possible quality. In the example of gift baskets, choose fresh and appetizing snacks made with wholesome ingredients, and skip the packaged store-bought food. A handcrafted corporate food gift has power to create enduring loyalty and camaraderie. If you can’t send the finest version of your chosen gift, it is better to send no gift at all.

Personalize company gifts for more impact.

Branding an employee gift or client gifts with your business logo is a good standard that can be improved upon. Include a personal note to the recipient with your gift to make an unexpected and impressive gesture. Better yet, have the gift sent to your home or office and deliver it in person with your highest regards. In short, the way you present your gift can make a big difference between a warm and a chilly reception.

The most important benefit of a client or employee gift.

It is clear that client gifts and gifts for employee recognition are much more than expressions of your esteem. Just the fact that you thought to send anything at all makes an indelible impression that lasts long after the gift is gone. Whether your aim is to show customer appreciation or to foster employee goodwill, company gifts can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your business.

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