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Best Practices for Customizing Your Corporate Gifts

Best Practices for Customizing Your Corporate Gifts

Customizing your corporate gifts seems like a no brainer. Branded gifts can be an effective marketing tool, but data shows you should carefully consider how you go about customizing. People who received items with the company’s logo were 30% less likely to report being satisfied or very satisfied with the gift. 

Our recommendation - brand the packaging, not the gift.

Here at Watanut, we have a variety of customization options for you.

  1. Fully Branded Packaging - We will help you design a fully customized box (inside and out) with your company’s branding and/or a holiday theme. 
  2. Hang Tags + Inserts - We can create and include a custom hang tag, insert your business card, or a custom card.
  3. Personalized Message - We can include a personalized message to take your gift one step further by giving it a personal touch.

Customizing your corporate gifts may feel overwhelming, but we make the entire process stress free. We handle the entire process from concept to shipping and you can sit back knowing your customers are receiving a beautiful gift they will not soon forget.