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Celebrate National Pecan Cookie Day, September 21st

Celebrate National Pecan Cookie Day, September 21st

Watanut celebrates cookies every day but on National Pecan Cookie Day, we hope everyone joins us in the celebration. On September 21, satisfy your sweet tooth with the best pecan cookies -  Watanut's Georgia Pecan Shortbread cookies. Baked from scratch, every batch of these scrumptious cookies has one and a half pounds of Georgia’s locally grown, fresh pecans and sweet cream butter, not to mention a dusting of demerara sugar for subtle caramel notes. Watanut's pecan shortbread cookies are baked by hand with only the finest all natural ingredients, making them unbelievably light, delicate and crisp.

Almost Famous...Georgia Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Everything about Watanut's Georgia Pecan Shortbreads is fresh and authentic. In fact, Watanut’s pecan cookies were a finalist in the 2018 Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest. So you know this #1 selling cookie is a winner. There’s no better way for cookie aficionados to celebrate National Pecan Cookie Day than by savoring our aclaimed cookies.

Whether you enjoy your cookies with a nice, cold glass of milk or a steaming cup of coffee, when you take your first bite of a Watanut Georgia Pecan Shortbread cookie, there’s no going back to big box store pecan sandies again. For those of you drooling at the thought of biting, chewing and enjoying pecan cookies, we can make your dream come true with a whimsical cookie tin filled with Georgia Pecan Shortbread cookies.

If you’re looking for the perfect pecan cookie for National Pecan Cookie Day, look no further than Watanut. What better way to recognize this lighthearted holiday than taking home our signature pecan cookies packed to order in a cookie gift box or tin? When you open the box, the buttery, pecan aroma will be music to your nose. Pick up a few to share with friends and family, and let the wild rumpus start!

The South's Favorite Nut

So, how do you say the South's favorite nut? Whether it's p-can or p-kahn, Watanut has Georgia's best pecans. Pecan is an Algonquian word, meaning “a nut requiring a stone to crack”. A member of the hickory family, the pecan is native to central and southern United States.

We locally source Georgia's freshest pecans for our pecan shortbread cookies. We combined our love of cookies and Georgia’s finest, sun-kissed pecans to create decadent pecan cookies that emanate nostalgic flavors. We can mix and match any combination of goodies for a  nut and cookie gift basket with all your favorite flavors. 

National Pecan Cookie Day is the perfect time to send cookie gift boxes and cookie tins as birthday presents, thank-you gifts and anniversary gifts. Really, any time you want to cheer up someone’s day is the time to send our cookie confections.

If you’ve been waiting for the sweet smell and taste of pecan cookies, your wait is over. Georgia Pecan Shortbreads will rock your cookie world in celebration of National Pecan Cookie Day.