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The Secret to Clever Gift Giving to Acquire New Customers

The Secret to Clever Gift Giving to Acquire New Customers

If you’re in sales and marketing, you know that it’s important to stand out from your competitors when you’re trying to convert your leads. It’s all about building personal relationships with your prospects, making human connections that win them over to your company.

Memorable business gifts can help do just that for you, creating a good impression, strengthening customer loyalty and building your business value. So, if you’re wondering what to get that will really leave a lasting impression, these tips can help you with the challenge of choosing client gifts.

Choose Trusted Businesses When Ordering Corporate Gifts

To get the best possible advantage from your corporate gifting budget, focus on personalized gifts and forget about generic items like mugs and calendars. Get started with custom gifts from websites where you can browse, buy, package and send your gifts all from one place. You can shop right from your work desk, choosing cost-effective gifts that differentiate you from your competitors. When you send gifts to your high-quality leads, clients or employees, you want everything to go right.

Always order from trusted, well-established companies that can personalize your gifts with hassle-free ordering that lets you relax, knowing you’re giving the finest products available. Plus, your clients will be delighted with the gifts you’ve sent them. Choosing a company that has a selection of high-quality products is your best bet for making perfect corporate gifts choices.

Keep Your Corporate Gifting Personal and Tasteful

Keep your gifts unique and useful, purchasing from companies that push the envelope when it comes to providing valuable products. You can’t go wrong with trendy edible gifts that bring mouth-watering smiles to the faces of your clients, keeping you at the top of their minds. Not only that, sharing their gift baskets brimming with delicious gourmet goodies like those from Watanut with their families and friends, helps balance their business and home lives. This is very important for retaining clients today.

Appeal to the Taste Buds for Corporate Gift Ideas

Wowing your clients with gift boxes that appeal to their senses, especially the taste buds say, “You can trust this company with your business.” Maybe the aroma of freshly baked cookies brings back memories of childhood. This is the way to appeal to your prospects emotions, making them feel special, and captivating them with the tastes of home.

Always Include a Personal Note 

When sending your client gifts, always include a personal note, wishing them the best. It just has to be a quick message with an appropriate sentence or two based on your relationship with them. A tasteful way to reinforce your brand recognition subtly is including your company's logo on a gift tag. This is just a visual reminder of you and your business.

It’s always a challenge choosing the right business gifts for potential clients, but if you keep it personal, you can’t go wrong. Think custom gifts and personalized gifts that create emotional engagement and appeal to the senses, then you’ll discover the sweet smell of success. Your clients and prospects will appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into authentic and tasteful gifts. And that drives new business and repeat sales. Check out Watanut for high-quality, delicious, customizable corporate and business food gifts.