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New Watanut City Tins Featuring Local Artist Anna Simpson

New Watanut City Tins Featuring Local Artist Anna Simpson


New City Tin Collection from Watanut

April 2018 Watanut partnered with local Augusta artist Anna Simpson to create exclusive, original artwork for Watanut's new City Tin Collection of cookie and nut gift tins.  So far, we've launched an Augusta and an Atlanta City Tin and more are sure to come. Fill these beautiful 10 oz gift tins with your favorite Watanut gourmet shortbread cookies or nuts. They make a great gift for any occasion.

Don't have an affinity for one of the cities in our City Tin Collection? No worries. You can still give a beautiful powder white 10 oz Watanut gift tins or a 1 pound gift tin

Vega Creative
Vega Creative StudioAnna Simpson, artist of Vega Creative Studio, paints the brightest and most colorful version of every city. She has been inspired since she was a little girl by her Nana, a renowned potter in Missouri and her mother, a talented writer, to pursue an art with a narrative personality. Anna loves telling a story in every piece she creates and in doing so, her art is intentional and personal in every way. She currently resides in Augusta, GA with her husband and the two enjoy traveling to different cities and creating new colorful stories that remember what they call the “happiest version” — the version they want all to remember. 

“Partnering with Watanut has been a such a highlight of my colorful journey. Watanut seeks to embrace their community and all of the people and places within it. I am blessed to be able to play a small part in helping them to do so.” - Anna

Atlanta City Tin Artwork

Atlanta City Tin

Augusta City Tin Artwork

Coming Soon

Anna is also partnering with Watanut to create an original line of greeting cards to accompany Watanut's delicious and unique gourmet food gifts. Be on the look out for those to come soon.