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Unique Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Unique Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Every mom deserves special treatment on Mother’s Day, especially your mom. It’s the perfect time to show her how much she truly means to you and your family. Mother's Day is a chance to celebrate the special bond you share with your mom and also your grandmother, stepmother, wife, sisters, aunts and other women of influence in your life.

Annual celebrations of motherhood have taken place around the world since the ancient Romans and Greeks of early history. Mother’s Day festivities by tradition are said to include a day of rest and a lovely gift from the heart, and not much has changed in 2018. It is always appropriate to honor caring women of all types with lovely Mother's day gifts.

We know you are looking for unique gift ideas for mom and you want to send a gift basket she will really love, so let’s get to it. Here are some great food gift ideas for moms who are nurturing, caring and simply extraordinary (like yours!).

For Moms on the Go

This type of mom is not just Supermom, she’s Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman and Woman of the Year all rolled into one. If your mom appreciates a high energy gift on the go, treat her to a gourmet Health Nut Gift Box. This tasty combo features Hit the Trail nut mix, Roasted Rosemary mixed nuts, Roasted Salted pecans and We Are Family nut mix. It’s a healthy way to give Mother's Day gifts she will love.

For Moms Who Love Being Pampered

Some moms love to take it easy and relax. Pamper your special lady with a luxurious  Cookie Gift Box packed with gourmet shortbread cookies in four amazing flavors. Each box includes CocoMac, Cranstachio, Salty Chocolate and traditional Pecan Sandies. These gift boxes come in three sizes: Small, 20+ cookies; Medium, 30+ cookies; Big Cookie Gift Box, 40+ cookies. Or you can select a beautiful Gift Tin. What a yummy way to spend the day!

Moms Who Love Family Gatherings

Is your mom a sentimental type who just loves family get-togethers? She is probably the type of mom who does nice things for friends and neighbors, too. Keep that in mind when you give cookies and nuts to your mom on Mother’s Day. Be sure to order a few extras for her to pass around the table (otherwise, you might not get any!).

Fun and Funny Moms

Is your mom a bit of a nut? Is she the life of the party? Salute your special mom with a nut-filled, handcrafted Pecan Gift Box. Your mom will love the generous assortment of fresh-crop pecan treats including cinnamon pecans, praline pecans, chocolate-covered pecans, roasted and salted pecans, raw Georgia pecans, pecan sandies cookies and pecan oil for the finishing touch. It’s not nuts to think this is the perfect gift for the lady who’s funny and fun.


A Gift Your Mom Will Love

Your mom shows her love every day in every way. You can return the favor with a food gift that she will love. Treat her like a queen this Mother's Day. Watanut can satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth so you’ll never have to look for gift ideas for mom again.