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The Right Closing Gift is a Real Estate Must

The Right Closing Gift is a Real Estate Must

The right closing gift is a real estate must

Home buying and selling are stressful times, but great realtors know how to sweeten the deal with closing gifts for clients. Among the many tools in your marketing kit, a closing gift helps to promote enduring loyalty, trust and confidence in business and client relations. Here are a few tips about real estate closing gifts that every agent can take to heart.

Make a lasting impression

It takes a lot to stand out in the world of real estate. According to The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, about 2 million licensed agents currently compete for a slice of the multi-billion dollar industry. Of all the little things you can do to create a good and lasting impression, the right closing gift is a must.

How to choose a great closing gift

Above all, closing gifts need to make sense. Home buyers and sellers do not need any more clutter to deal with. They may be smack in the middle of moving in or out when your gift arrives. Be smart and send a tension-free gift that says, “Sit down, relax and treat yourself to something nice.” For example, most new homeowners (and pretty much everyone) would welcome a generous gift basket of sweet nuts and cookies to nibble on.

Don’t be so conspicuous

In the high-powered world of real estate, closing gifts for clients are much more than just a thank you and fare thee well. Your gift is an expression of your esteem. Do not send a conspicuous and blatant request for future business emblazoned with real estate branding. A “gift” like that is worse than no gift at all. The best closing gifts convey a subtle, gracious and pleasant reminder of your desire for an ongoing business relationship.

Customize and personalize

The idea behind corporate giving is to create an emotional path to your clients’ hearts. You can boost the impact to a higher level by including a personal note in your own hand. A realtor friend of ours likes to send cookies and sweet pecans to new homeowners with this cheery message, “Welcome to your new Home Sweet Home!” Sounds corny, but it works.

How much should a realtor spend on a closing gift?

It doesn’t cost much to make a big impression. You can hit the target straight on with a variety of handcrafted shortbread cookies in a pretty box and a personal note from you. For your biggest deals and best clients, keep the gifts coming with Watanut’s “Nut of the Month” club. Express your thanks again and again with a gift of sweet and savory nut mixes and crunchy cookies for three months, six months or a full year.

Seek help

Rather than blindly searching the internet for real estate closing gifts, why not consult with an expert? A savvy gift consultant can help you save time and avoid any gift-giving faux pas or accidental blunders. Seek the advice of a vendor with experience in the corporate gift-giving environment. Consult with Watanut for closing gifts that are delicious, appropriate and, most important of all, memorable.